Mike Arians
 Mayor of Oregon
Candidate Profile
Educational background: Graduate of Southern Illinois University, undergraduate studies at American Institute for Paralegal Studies, Inc., internship as an independent investigator and expert witness for numerous insurance companies and law firms throughout Northern Illinois.  Independent studies and seminars: State Assistance to Local Governments, Illinois Municipal Code, Public Policy, Practical Homicide Investigation, Profiling violent Crimes, Murder and Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation and Pattern Motives of Sexual Homicide.  

Public offices currently or previously held: Ogle County Deputy Registrar, 1999-Present; Ogle County OCCA Board, 2000; Chairman of the Oregon Preservation Committee 1999, Mayor of the City of Oregon, 1999-2003; Kane County Board, - Offices held - Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sheriff's Department Commissioner/Corrections and Rehab Committee, Human Services and Resource Committee, Transportation and Highways Committee, County Development Committee, Executive Committee, Construction and Patrol Stations Committee of Kane County Judicial Center (Courthouse); Kane County Forest Preserve Commissioner, Enterprise committee (Budgets, staff and expenditures of the forest preserve police department)

Qualifications: Ten years experience as a law enforcement administrator and extensive prior education and experience in corporate management, as well as civil law/evidence, legal investigations, criminal law and family law.  Twenty years experience as an independent claim and fraud investigator which included working with the Illinois State Police (NATB).  Plus, ten years of experience as an elected public official, allows Mike rare administrative skills and insight which have reached from the State Capitol building in Sprigfield to County Board rooms and City Council Chambers. 

Dedication, Education, Experience and A Clear Vision: Mike, whose ancestors settled in Milledgeville in the 1800's and lived and worked in the Sterling/Dixon area for decades, sites his fourth generation roots in the Sauk Valley and his 18+ years as a businessman in Oregon as an asset to understanding the needs of Oregon, which lays on a diverse corridor of tourism and industry along the beautiful Rock River.

"I believe our town has a very delicate eco balance.  Our civic leaders must achieve and maintain a healthy tourism and industrial base that supports not only tourism, but the area's major employers such as Etnyre and Woods manufacturing.  All this, while keeping in mind that suburban growth and development will be soon knocking on our door again.  It is a must, that strong and experienced Government Officials be in place to preserve the ambience of our one-of-a-kind town. This, so that it never fall victim to a tidal wave of development some day heading our way, hence loosing its charming character and quality of life for our current residents and their generations to follow."

If elected Arians pledges to call upon his ten plus years as an elected public official and administrator for both County and Municipal Governments of Northern Illinois along with his many years of rapport with State and Federal elected officials as a vast resource pool to assist him in his duties as Mayor of Oregon.  "The Mayor must listen to the people, be experienced and accessible."

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