Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Deep Roots in Ogle County & The Sauk Valley

Mike at the Blackhawk Statue one Sunday afternoon 55 years ago

Current part-time television and film
 location & theme consultant
Former Oregon Mayor
Mike Arians

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Educational Background, Public Offices Held, Qualifications, Education, Experience and Career Highlights
Inauguration, Certificate of Election, Congressman Don Manzullo, Illinois State Rep. Jerry Mitchell, Senator Brad Byrzinski, Senator Peter Fitzgerald, Senator Todd Sieben, Lt Governor Corinne Wood, Marty Typer, Hollie Guist, AOP Parade, Officers Bill Hitchcock & Darin DeHaan, Officer Randy Crop, Bike Patrol, Officer Bill Hitchcock, Officer Darin DeHaan, Police Chief Thomas Miller, Jim Lauer & Rachel Jones, Bob Reese, Jerry Medlar, John Coffman, Charlene Ruthe

Lincoln/Blackhawk dedication, Sculptor Jeff Adams, Betty Adams, Jake Zimmerman, Connie Stauffer, Tom Izer, Fire Chief Don Heller, Amy Tremble, Patchwork Inn, Oregon Women's Club, Lady's Golf Scramble, Debbie Dickson, Bill and MaryAnn Fearer, Mayor Jim Barnes, Tony Withers, Etnyre Co, Knights of Columbus, Focus House, Ogle County Hospice, Autumn on Parade, Community Foundation of Northern Illinois, Ogle County Health Department, MDA, Local UAW 1720, Angel Ball, Gloria Fallon
Etnyre School, Jefferson PTO, Lady Hawks Basketball, Letter to the Editor from Lucy Chamberlain, Newman Central School, Oregon Education Association, Oregon Wrestlers
Judiciary Chairman, Arians wins confidence in voters, Tight Fisted with Tax Dollars

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